OSB is an ‘A proven, lightweight integration Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) specifically designed for the task of integrating, virtualizing, and managing services in a shared services infrastructure, Oracle Service Bus allows you to achieve value more quickly with simple, code-free, configuration-based service integration’
Oracle BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) Process Manager is a tool for designing and running business processes. This product provides a comprehensive,standards-based and easy to use solution for creating, deploying and managing cross-application business processes with both automated and human workflow steps – all in a service-oriented architecture’

 Oracle BPEL
Stateful and long-running processes
Stateless messaging capabilities
Service Orchestration
Service virtualization, message throttling, configuration based service configuration, Service pooling
Composite implementation
Message validation,content-based routing, transformation.
Integration of Rules and Human Workflow
XQuery and XSLT based message transforms

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