Friday, 7 July 2017

Database Adapter in Oarcle ICS(Integration Cloud Service)

In this blog, we are gonna to explain  Oracle database adapter capabilities and how to connect Oracle Database that resides in on-premises network.

Oracle Database Adapter capabilities

The Oracle Database Adapter enables us to integrate the Oracle database residing behind the firewall of on-premises environment with Oracle Integration Cloud Service through use of the on-premises connectivity agent. We can also integrate Oracle database residing on the public cloud and don't require Agent in the picture.

The Oracle Database Adapter provides the following capabilities:
  • Invocation of stored procedures.
  • Support for non-JDBC (PL/SQL) datatypes in outbound invocations of stored procedures.
  • Support  of DML statements and SQL queries: Select, Insert, Update, and Delete.
  • Support for generating XSD from PureSQL. 
  • Polling for new and updated records for processing in the Oracle database. 
  • The Oracle Database Adapter supports distributed polling and multithreading. 
  • Support for a logical delete polling strategy. 
  • Support for database fault mapping
Connection with Oracle Database

In this we will show you how to make Oracle database connection using ICS that resides on on-premises environment.

Below are the pre-requisite to make DB connection
  • ICS agent should be installed(If not then follow the blog)
  • On-premise agent should be up and running(If not please follow the blog)
  • DB port should be opened on the ICS host machine

Let's create a DB connection in ICS
  • Login into the ICS console
  • Click on the Connection tile from the ICS home page
  • Click on Create button from upper right corner

  • Search Oracle Database and select Oracle Database adapter
  • Provide below information in the opened dialg box and Click on Create button
    • Name: Any meaningful name
    • Identifier: Identifier would be picked up automatically based on name, but we can edit.
    • Role: Select Trigger and Invoke. We can use this DB connection as a source or target both.
  • Click on Configure Connectivity, enter below information and click OK button
    • Host: Database host or IP
    • Port: Database port number
    • SID: Database SID

  • Click Configure Security, enter below and click OK button
    • UserName: Database user name
    • Password: Database password
    • Confirm Password: Database password
  • Click Configure Agent and select the available agent(TEST_AGENT_GROUP) that we created in our previous blog. Click on Use button
  • Click on Test button from upper right corner. If everything is correct then progress bar will reach to 100%
  • Click Save and Close button from upper right corner.
Now you are done and ready to use DB connection in your integration.


  1. Hi, could you please explain how to connect to cloud database? I tried connecting to cloud db without Connectivity agent and received the following error response,

    Unable to test connection "CLOUDDB". [Cause: CLOUD-0005]
    CLOUD-0005: Unable to establish connection. Please check connection parameters
    IO Error: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection

    Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Even i have never tried with cloud database. However would like to ask few questions:

      1) Which database you are trying to connect ?
      2) R you able to connect the database with some client(SQL developer)

      Errors simply says that, your db is not reachable to ICS.


      1) Please try to put hostname and IP of database one by one
      2) Try to enter SID and service name one by one


    2. Were you able to resolve this? I am facing same exact issue - no agent, using AWS RDS - cloud instance of SQL Server express.

  2. I am facing the same issue.
    To answer Ankur's questions :-
    1) Trying to connect to Cloud database created on Oracle cloud
    2) Yes, the database is connected to sql developer


    1. Hi Apeksha,

      Could you please send the logs and error.


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