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Export and Import Oracle Integration Cloud Service Components

How to move Integration from one ICS instance to another ? This is general question and can come in mind of every single person who is working with Oracle ICS.…

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Reading file from remote server using SFTP connection

Below is the program that shows how to read file from SFTP server using java JSch API is widely used for connecting a SFTP using Java. Download JScp library from…

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Import CSV file to create Lookup Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS)

In the previous two blogs, I have described the ICS Lookup and how to create Lookup. Oracle Integration Cloud Service Lookups User Lookup in Oracle Integration Cloud Service Let’s suppose…

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HTTP Basic Auth VS WS-Security username token authentication

HTTP Basic Authentication and WS-Security username token authentication both are different authentication mechanism and independent to each other. Let’s go in depth and see how both the mechanism differs HTTP…

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SOAP adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

Simple Object Access Protocol(SOAP) adapter in one of the powerful adapter provided by Oracle Integration Cloud Service(ICS). The SOAP adapter can consume any external SOAP API in an ICS. Service…

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How to read file using ICS FTP adapter

In this blog, we are going to show you, how to use the Oracle Integration cloud service FTP adapter to read a file from the FTP location. In my previous…

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