How to move Integration from one ICS instance to another ? This is general question and can come in mind of every single person who is working with Oracle ICS. 

Oracle ICS provides the options to export and import Integration and Lookup to share between Oracle Integration Cloud environments.

Below are the topics covered in this blog:

  • Exporting an Integration
  • Importing an Integration
  • Exporting a Lookup
  • Importing a Lookup
Exporting an Integration
Integration can be exported as a IAR file that can be use in other Oracle ICS instance or import the integration into Oracle Jdeveloper to perform an advance XSLT task(for example: variable creation or using template) that can’t be used in the ICS mapper. Once the mapper editing is completed, the mapper file can then be imported back into Oracle ICS service.
To export an Integration
  • Click on Integrations tile from the Oracle ICS home page
  • Click on the Action menu corresponding to the Integration and click on the Export button
  • Integration will be saved automatically at default download location
The file is saved with a name that consists of the identifier plus the version number, and an iar extension.
Importing an Integration
Import the integrations that were previously exported as a IAR file from Oracle Integration Cloud Service.
To import an Integration
  • Click on Integrations tile from the Oracle ICS home page
  • Click on Import button
  • In the Import Integration File dialog, click Browse to navigate to and select the file to import.
  • Click Import button
If an integration already exists with the same identifier and version, confirm whether to overwrite the existing integration.
Exporting an Lookup
Once we create a lookup, we can export that lookup for use in other Oracle Integration Cloud Service environments.
To export a lookup
  • Click on Lookups tile from the Oracle ICS home page
  • Select the Actions menu to the right in the lookup’s row, then select Export to CSV button
  • Lookup will be saved automatically at default download location
The file is saved as a CSV file with the same name as the lookup.
Importing an Lookup
Have written a separate blog that shows how to import lookup.