Oracle Integration Cloud Service provides “Global Fault Handler” to catch faults in orchestrated integration and perform actions.We can add global fault handling to orchestrated integrations. This functionality enables us to direct business faults back to the caller or apply business logic before sending faults to the error handling framework. We can add fault handling to any integration type (for example, asynchronous, synchronous, or scheduled fire-and-forget (no response expected)).

So let’s see how to enable “Global Fault Handler” in the orchestrated integration.

I’m using you already have developed one orchestrated integration, if not, please follow the blog

  • Click on Orchestration and select Global Fault
  • Global Fault handler canvas will get open. We can apply any business rule, invoke external service, send email notification etc.
  • Let’s add notification activity to send an email once an exception occurs in the integration.
  • Drop the Notification activity from the Actions
  • Complete the Notification activity. If you don’t know how to configure it, please follow the blog
  • Save and close the “Global Fault Handler
As soon as an exception will occur in the integration, Global Fault Handler will get execute and exit the integration.