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Database polling in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

In this article, we will show how to use Oracle database polling in Oracle ICS. Oracle ICS allows very straight forward solution to poll the Oracle database in comparison to…

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Expose custom PL SQL APIs as a SOA Gateway Webservice

Integrated SOA Gateway(ISG) is an integrated component of E-Business Suite R12. ISG allows to expose EBS functionality(which includes XML gateway, Business Service Objects, Concurrent Programs, PL/SQL API’s, Business Events, E…

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Create an Integration in ICS to expose SOAP API

We’ll demonstrate how we can use Integration Cloud Service(ICS) to expose SOAP API. In one of my blog I have showcased how to expose REST API.In this article, we will…

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Create Connection using external WSDL in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Let’s assume we have some custom WSDL and want to use this WSDL in Oracle Integration Cloud Service. ICS provides a SOAP adapter that allows us to create a SOAP…

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Switch activity in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

In this article, we will take a look at how to use Switch activity in Oracle ICS. Switch actions allow us to check for a condition and if true, execute a…

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Scheduled Integration in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

In this article, we will take a look at the ability of Oracle Integration Cloud Service to Schedule an orchestrated integration. This is the very cool feature of Oracle ICS…

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Logs in Oracle Integration Cloud Services(ICS)

The Integration Cloud Service dashboard provides a view into the activity stream for running integrations, such as details about successful responses received from the target application, successful responses sent to…

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Sometimes users deal with “ PKIX path building failed” with the exception and don’t know how to solve the issue. Problem: This error occurred usually when we try to consume…

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Bind query parameter in database adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

In this blog, we will show you how to use bind parameter in SQL query when use Oracle Database adapter.  Bind parameters are required to get the result based on the…

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Convert UTC Date & time to another timezone in Oracle Integration Cloud Service(ICS)

Oracle Integration Cloud provides date and time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) format. So some time is required to change the UTC to another timezone as per the requirement. Oracle …

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