File upload is a very common aspect of each and every technology we used in our day to day projects as part of the REST service. This is very common requirement to upload a file that resides in the local computer and send it to the remote computer.Sometimes we need to expose a REST service which should allow to upload files, process the data and store it some repository like a database, FTP etc..

In this blog, we are going to show how to use ICS REST adapter feature to upload a file and save the file as it is on some FTP location.

Below are the steps to achieve the use case:

  • Create REST Adapter as Trigger
  • Create FTP Adapter as Invoke
  • Create Orchestration Integration
  • TEST the Integration

Create REST Adapter as Trigger

There is one dedicated blog that explains, how to configure REST Adapter in Oracle ICS. Please have a look at the blog

Create FTP Adapter as Invoke

This has also been explained in another blog that shows, how to configure FTP Adapter in Oracle ICS. Please have a look at the blog

Create an Orchestration Integration

Create an Orchestrated Integration using steps:

  • Login into ICS console
  • Click on the Integration tile from ICS home page
  • Click on Create button from upper right corner
  • Select Orchestration pattern from the dialog box
  • Enter Below information and click on Create button
    • Select Application event or business object radio button
    • Enter Integration Name in What do you want to call your integration text box
    • An Identifier would be picked up automatically from Integration name, however, we can edit it
    • Let the Version as it is
    • Enter the description in What does this integration do input box
    • Leave the package input box as it is
  • Drag the TEST_REST_Conn Connection on the canvas from REST connection
  • Enter below information and Click Next
    • Name of the endpoint
    • Relative URI(must start with /)
    • Select HTTP verb as POST
    • Select Configure a request payload for this endpoint checkbox- This option allows us to assign payload in the next step
  • Select Accept attachments from request and Request in HTML form checkboxes then click Next and Done button
  • Drag & Drop the FTP connection on the canvas
  • Enter the Name in What do you want to call the endpoint input box and click Next button
  • Enter below information and click Next button
    • Select Operation: Select Write File
    • Select a Transfer Mode: Choose ASCII
    • Specify an Output directory: Enter the directory where you want to save the uploaded file
    • Specify a File Name Pattern: Enter the file name
  • Choose No under the Do you want to define a schema for this endpoint and click Next -> Done button
  • Edit the mapper and map the below
    • execute -> attachments -> attachment -> attachmentReference to ICSfile -> FileReference
    • partName -> fileName
partName element would contain the file name that will be uploaded
That configuration completes the integration.
Let’s test the integration using POSTMAN tool:
Check the FTP location output directory that has been given during configuring FTP adapter.