Oracle ICS provides Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter that provides native and secure connectivity to Oracle E-Business Suite instance. It lets us create integrations with EBS public integration interfaces.

We have written a dedicated blog on Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter that gives the detailed description of EBS adapter and it’s capabilities.

In this blog, we’ll show how to use E-Business adapter in an ICS integration to call custom services that are deployed on EBS ISG(Integrated SOA Gateway).

Let’s create a scheduled integration in which we’ll use the EBS adapter to call PL/SQL API.

Drop the EBS connection just below the schedule component from the Invokes tab. Please see the blog which describes how to create EBS connection

EBS connection configuration wizard will be opened. Enter the Endpoint name and click Next

Select the Product family from the Next screen. For this use-case, we’ll select Human Resource Suite since our custom service relates to this product family.

Please see the blog on how to deploy custom services

Then select Human Resources Personnel from Product drop-down. These two selections totally depend on PL/SQL API deployed on ISG. For this information please check with the EBS consultant who has deployed the API on ISG.

Select the XX_SAVE_EMPLOYEE API which is being deployed on the ISG. In another blog, we have demonstrated how to deploy the PL/SQL API on ISG.

Now select the operation which we want to call. As of now we only have a single method (save_employee) in the API (XX_SAVE_EMPLOYEE ). Select the method and click Next button

Exposed method(save_employee) takes two input parameter(C_ID, NAME) and insert the same into the table(xx_test).

Click Done button on the summary page. Edit the mapper and see all the input parameter exposed in the operation(save_employee)

Map the input parameters as per the requirement.

Save and activate the integration.

These steps complete the integration and now it’s time to test the integration. Once integration executed successfully, the data should be inserted into the table.