This article will explain how to create the Oracle Integration Cloud instance and access it.

Pre-requisite to Create an OIC instance

The pre-requisite to create an OIC instance is just to Oracle database (DBaaS) instance up and running. If you don’t have already a DBaaS instance, kindly go through the article and setup the DBaaS instance

Once we have setup the cloud DBaaS instance, we can move forward and create the OIC instance.

Provision an OIC instance

  • Login into my dashboard page and navigate to the Service -> Integration Cloud page
  • Click on Create Instance button
  • Enter below information and click Next button
*Instance Name
Name of the unique instance name of Integration Cloud
Optionally add a description to help identify the purpose of this new instance
Notification Email
Enter an email address at which to be notified of instance provisioning progress
Region in which the instance will be provisioned
Define tags to mark the instance (DEV, TEST, PROD etc..)
*SSH Public Key
Select an option for accessing service host access. This key is used for authentication when connecting to the instance using a secure shell (SSH) client.
Click on Edit button in front of SSH public key and Click on Create a New Key radio button. Click Enter and Download Keys

  • Specify details as below
Selection for this Instance
Feature Set 
* Feature Set 
Select the one of the following:

Integration: Installs the Standard Edition of Oracle Integration Cloud. This feature set includes Integrations and Visual Builder

Integration Analytics: Installs Integration Analytics, which includes Stream Analytics and Integration Insight.

Integration and Process: Installs the Enterprise Edition of Oracle Integration Cloud. This feature set includes Integrations, Processes, and Visual Builder

Node Configuration
Initial Number of Nodes
Enter the number of node which you want configure as part of instance. Default is 2
Reserved Ips
Assigned Automatically
Backup and Recovery Configuration
Cloud Storage Container
Oracle Storage Cloud Service container in which to store backups
Cloud Storage User Name
Specify the username
Cloud Storage User Password
Specify the password
Create Cloud Storage Container
Select this check box to automatically create a storage container during Oracle Integration Cloud provisioning.

Select this checkbox if you wanted to create new storage container
Select checkbox
Database Configuration
*Service Name
Select Database service name which we wanted to use

This drop down will show all the DBaaS instance which are there in the services.
Pluggable Database Service name
Specify the service name of the pluggable database (PDB).
This field is only for version 12c databases
*Database Administrator User Name
Specify the user name. This value must be set to a database user with SYSDBA system privileges
*Database Administrator User Password
Specify the password for the administration user
Instance Responsibility
*Instance Administration Responsibility Acknowledgment
Click to acknowledge that you are responsible for provisioning and administering your own instance, including:
* Patching
* Starting stopping instances and individual VMs
* Starting/stopping Oracle WebLogic Server
* Scaling in/scaling out
* Backups
* Database management
* Operating system management, including ensuring that you have enough swap space
Select checkbox
Note: Fields which are marked in Red are mandatory
  • On Integration Cloud Details Confirmation, click on Create button
Provisioning the instance will take at-least 1 hour. Once created successfully, you will receive the notification.
Check the Oracle Integration cloud for the status of newly created OIC instance
Once OIC instance ready, click on the Action menu and click on Open Integration Cloud Home page

This will take us to the Integration Cloud Home page