Oracle ICS provides an agent framework that enables you to create integrations and exchange messages between on-premises applications and Oracle Integration Cloud Service. Message payloads of up to 5 MB are supported through the use of compression, which may bring the payload down to 512 KB in size. The on-premises agent provides multithreading support, which allows for multiple executors to perform downstream message processing.

This type of integration enables:

  • Access SOAP endpoints
  • Access non-SOAP endpoints (such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Siebel)
  • Send requests from a cloud application (for example, send a Create Service Order request from an Oracle RightNow Cloud application) to an on-premises E-Business Suite application

The agent framework consists of the following components:

SAAS agent: This agent is installed and runs in Oracle Integration Cloud Service and supports communication with on-premises applications. There is one SAAS agent per Oracle Integration Cloud Service environment.

On-premises agent: This agent is installed and runs in an on-premises environment on the same network as internal systems such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Database, and others. We download the on-premises agent installer from the Agents page in Oracle Integration Cloud Service to your on-premises environment for installation. There can be multiple host systems, each running one or more agents, in a cloud/on-premises topology. The on-premises agent does not permit any explicit inbound connections. All connections are established from the on-premises environment to Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

Once the gent is successfully installed and registered with ICS instance the count will get increase to 1.