In one of my article, I have showcased how to install the on-premise agent on the Linux machine. This article will show you how to upgrade the existing on-premise agent.

In this blog, we are upgrading the agent from to

Below are the steps to upgrade the on-premise agent

  • Login into the ICS console and move to the Designer -> Agents page
  • Click on the Download -> Connectivity Agent
  • A file will be downloaded with name
  •  Move the file on the server where the agent in up and running. In our case, we have moved the file to /home/AgentPatch/
  • Unzip the installer and notice below files:
    • cloud-connectivity-agent-installer.bsx
  • Unzip the and notice below files
    • cloud-connectivity-agent-patcher.jar
    • apply-patch.jar
  • Set the JAVA_HOME and PATH parameters. Only Oracle JDK version 1.7 and 1.8 are supported. Any other JDK such as Open JDK does not work.
  • Notice the file This is the file which needs to run to upgrade the agent with some parameters as below:
Is Mandatory
The installation Agent directory in which agenthome resides
ICS user name
ICS password
The complete path of the zip file in which BSX file is available. If the parameter not specified, a smaller-sized version of the ZIP file for exclusively upgrading the on-premises agent is automatically downloaded from Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

Run below command:

./ -agentInstallDir=/home/ICS_AGENT -icsPwd=Welcome@123 -patchZipFile=/home/AgentPatch/

Here: /home/ICS_AGENT is the existing directory of ICS agent

Once the command is fired the patching process will begin. The security certificate is downloaded if not already available and added to the keystore. Go the Agent Group page during patching and notice different statues(Upgrade Pending, Restart Pending, and Up to Date) as shown in the below screenshot

The on-premises agent is automatically restarted after the patch is applied. Once the patch ZIP file is available for extraction (either through the -patchZipFile parameter or through download from Oracle Integration Cloud Service), the remaining process takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This time period includes restarting the on-premise agent. Once the agent is upgraded successfully, go the Agent groups page and see the upgraded version

That’s how the on-premise agent can be upgraded from an older version to the newer version.