Sometimes we may encounter the error “Exception Description: No conversion value provided for the value [6.1.4] in field [@version]” during code migration from one Integration Cloud environment(Development) to another(UAT).

Cause of the error: The root cause of the error is Version different between the two environments. The source environment is  higher version( and the destination environment is the lower version(

Source environment version:

Target environment version:


There are two solutions to the above issue.

Solution-1): Bring both the environment on the same version and then try to import the iar file to the destination. This is the recommended solution.

Solution-2): Update the version in the “project.xml” file in IAR file directly and then import to the destination instance. Below are the steps to update the version. This is not a recommended solution but may work for little time.

  • Open the IAR file which is exported from the source environment, open the project.xml file and notice the “version” attribute of the parent element. Here the version value is “6.1.4
  • Now export one of the IAR file from the destination environment and see the “version” value in the same file. Here the version value is “6.1.3
  • Now, update the project.xml file of the source IAR file and change the version value from 6.1.4 to 6.1.3 and then save the IAR file
  • Now import the updated IAR file to the destination environment and this time the IAR file should be imported successfully