Saturday, 18 May 2019

OAuth Custom Three Legged Security Policy in REST Connection: Oracle Integration Cloud

In the previous article, we have described the OAuth Custom Two Legged Security Policy in REST Connection. This article will show how to create a connection with REST APIs which uses the three-legged OAuth security policy to access the APIs.

For the demo purpose, we'll take an example of LinkedIn REST API which uses the three-legged authentication to authenticate the REST APIs.

As a pre-requisite, we have to register an application in the LinkedIn developer portal which can be accessed here. During registration of the application provide the Redirect URLs in the below format:


Once the application is registered it will provide the client id and client secret.

Let's see how to create REST connection in oracle integration cloud which will use the three-legged authentication.
  • Create a REST connection with name REST_LinkedIn_conn
  • Click on the Configure Connectivity button and enter below details
    • Connection Type: REST API Base URL
    • TLS Version: TLS v1.2
    • Connection URL:
  • Click on the Configure Security button, enter below details
    • Security Policy: OAuth Custom Three Legged Flow
    • Authorization Request:<ICS-HOST:PORT>/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback&scope=r_liteprofile+r_emailaddress+w_member_social
    • Access Token Request:
-X POST -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" -d 'client_secret=X0tiWP105Utde7iZ&grant_type=authorization_code&${auth_code}' ""

Redirect URI should be encoded
    • Refresh Token: NA
    • $auth_code: code
    • $access_token: access_token
    • $refresh_token: refresh.[tT]oken
    • expiry: expires_in
    • $token_type: token.?[tT]ype
    • access_token_usage: -H Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}
  • Once all details are provided, click on the Provide Consent button
  • After clicking on the Provide Consent button, it will take you the LinkedIn permssion page. Here provide consent, if consent is successful, a Access Allowed page will come up

  • Go back to the REST connection page and click on the Test button. Once everthing is settled, the connection will be tested successsfully.


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