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Subscribe EBS Business Event in Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle E-Business Suite provides various business events for use in integrations. To leverage the business event and event subscription features, you can configure the Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter with business…

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Secure files PGP (Part-2-Decryption): Oracle Integration Cloud

This is the second part of transferring the secured file over SFTP in Oracle Integration Cloud. In the previous blog, we showcased how to create encrypted files using Pretty Good…

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Securing files using PGP encryption (Part-1-Encryption): OIC

Security is one of the aspect when we are dealing with Cloud platform. Specially when we are transfering files over the public SFTP from cloud paltform. OIC allows securing files…

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Enable notification in 5 minutes: Oracle Process Cloud Service

Would you like to notify the user to take action (approve/reject) or just simply notify that some action has happened in middle of the process? Here is the article which…

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A Simple application from Scratch: Oracle Process Cloud

Are you a beginner in Oracle Process Cloud Service and want to learn how to play with this and create processes, forms, etc. So here is the article for you…

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Setting to enable the notification in Oracle Process Cloud Services

Are you suffering to send Notification in Oracle Process Cloud Services and not able to send? This article will help to resolve the issue. Oracle Process Cloud services provide Notify…

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CASDK-0004 : Failed to authenticate against the application with the credentials provided LOGIN_MUST_USE_SECURITY_TOKEN

While creating the Salesforce connection in Oracle Integration Cloud you may encounter below issue Unable to test connection “TEST_SFDC1”. [Cause: CASDK-0004] CASDK-0004 : Failed to authenticate against the application with…

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How to create ZIP file in Oracle Integration Cloud

Are you keen to know how to create Zip file in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)? Zip file creation is one of the key aspect of ERP based related integration.  …

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