In this article, we are going to showcase the concept of Integration Versioning in Oracle Integration Cloud.

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What is Versioning

You might be wondering what a number on software’s, integrations and applications. These numbers are called version of the applications.

For example: If we say download a 12C database. Here what 12 mean is, it is nothing, it’s just version of database.

Versioning in Oracle Integration Cloud

OIC supports the model of semantic versioning. It is best recognized as Major, Minor and Patch.

For Example: XX.YY.ZZZZ

Effect of Versioning

Major: If there is change in the Major version then more than one integration can be activated at a time. For example: Both the integration with versions 01.00.0000 & 02.00.0000 can be activated a same time.

Minor: If there is change in the Minor version then only one integration can be activated at a time. For example: Only one integration with the versions 01.00.0000 & 01.01.0000 can be activated at a time.

Identify integration with change in major version

The endpoint of the integration get’s changed itself


Check the complete video to see how to create different version of integration

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