Business rules in Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS) allow to validate Business Objects data as well as to fire an event when data is inserted into the BO.

Oracle VBCS Busiess Rules

There are five types of Business Rules that exist in VBCS:

  • Object Triggers
  • Field Triggers
  • Object Validators
  • Field Validators
  • Object Functions

Object Triggers

Used to specify the sequence of actions that start when a specific event occurs. t’s like a database trigger.

For example: Insert or update the record when a new record is inserted

Field Triggers

Used to specify the condition on the fields that are applied whenever a business object field changes in value.

For example: Send an approval email if the amount > 100 dollars.

Object Validators

Used to validate the record before you insert it into the custom business objects.

For example: Insert the record only if the amount > 0  and Employee ID!=null.

Field Validators

Used to validate the particular field in the custom business object.

For example: Create employee only if employee age > 18.

Object Functions

Used to write the custom function.

For example: Get the total number of users basis on the name.

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