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Capture Salesforce Platform Events in Oracle Integration

Since Oracle Integration 21.3.2, the Salesforce Adapter now supports the popular Salesforce platform events to allow the exchange of real-time event data from Salesforce with any other application in Oracle Integration. You can…

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Ways to download connectivity agent Oracle Integration

The connectivity agent is used to establish the communication between SaaS and on-premises applications. Before you create the connection with on-premises applications in Oracle Integration, you must have to download…

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What are Docker images and their layers

A Docker image is the base of the container and without it, the container doesn’t exist. In simple terms, a Docker image is a set of instructions written in a…

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Create a new image using the commit command docker

On a running container, a developer can do various modifications as per the requirement and create another image from the container which will have all the modifications. The benefits of…

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Know about all commands of the Docker container

If you are a developer and responsible to manage the Docker containers life cycle, you must know all the commands of Docker which Docker offers. In this short article, I’ll…

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Lifecycle of Docker container

Everything has a lifecycle that goes through a different state from start to finished. Similarly, when a container is created, it has its own lifecycle. In this short article, we’ll…

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How to create an NGINX docker container

As per the official website of NGINX is open-source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, media streaming, and more. It started out as a web server designed…

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Architecture and basic terminologies of Docker

Whenever you start learning any new technology, it is really important to understand the basic terminologies which make it easy to understand the technology better. So, in this short article,…

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How to create a docker container

Docker is in high demand these days and you should understand the container as the basic concept of it and how to create it. A container is just an instance…

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Convert JSON to String Oracle Integration

I have seen multiple target applications which accept the JSON data as a String in a single element. So, it is necessary to convert the JSON to String before you…

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