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Oracle Integration | format-dateTime() is failing with “The XPath expression failed to execute

While doing the conversion of current date time into another format using the format:dateTime() function into Oracle Integration: you may face the following error: Issue: The issue is the xp20:format-dateTime…

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The “MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]” IO operation for “/test/Emp_1.csv” failed: Oracle Integration File adapter

I had a hard time fixing the error The “MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]” IO operation for “/test/archive/Emp_1.csv failed” which occurred while performing the move operation of File adapter in Oracle Integration. The complete…

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Service Integration Account with No Password Expiration in OIC

In most cases, you authenticate your custom Oracle Integrations using Basic Authentication and for this, you create a username/password in the Oracle IDCS and grant a certain role(ServiceUser, ServiceInvoker, etc.)…

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BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: Oracle Integration

While mapping the streamReference to opaque element in Oracle Integration you might get the “BASE64Decoder: Error in encoded stream: needed at least 2 valid base64 characters, but only got 0…

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OSS-005: Unable to test the connection: OCI Streaming

While working with the OCI streaming adapter, you can face the “CASDK-0005: A connector specific exception was raised by the application. OSS-005: Unable to test connection. Provide valid Trust store.”…

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All About Oracle Integration Agent | OIC

Majority of Oracle Integration users are well aware of OIC Agent. In this blog, we will be covering the What, Why/Where & How parts of it to clear confusion around…

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Encrypt/Decrypt data using OCI Vault in Oracle Integration

In this article, we will explain and demonstrate how to encrypt/decrypt the data using OCI Vault in Oracle Integration. The most common requirement of any application is security especially when…

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Reading the latest file from SFTP in OIC

I received a request from one of my connections who questioned how to read the latest files from SFTP in OIC. So, I thought to discover this and write an…

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Import Suppliers using FBDI in Oracle Integration

Oracle ERP adapter allows you to import bulk data using File Based Data Import(FBDI). FBDI is the best way to get mass conversions done in shortest time. Oracle provides an…

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Publish messages in Stream using Oracle Integration

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to publish messages into a Stream using Oracle Integration. In the previous article, I have described the capabilities offered by the OCI Streaming adapter…

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