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Call External REST API in Oracle Integration Cloud

Call External REST API is one of the key aspect in the world. Oracle Integration Cloud REST Adapter help you to call external REST API. This post might be interested…

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Call External REST API: Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we’ll show how to call External REST API in Oracle Integration Cloud using the REST Adapter. Consider we need to consume the third party application REST API…

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Access Sharepoint online REST APIs

SharePoint APIs are secured using the OAuth framework. So an access token is required to make rest calls to SharePoint APIs to pull/push data. There are many ways to authenticate…

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Implement Pagination in REST Service: Integration Cloud

There are situations in which we need to fetch a large number of records from the on-premise application in the Integration Cloud. For example, there are 100k+ records resides in…

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Creating an API in Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (API CS)

  Oracle API Platform Cloud Service offers an easy way to manage, secure, and publish services for application developers. It facilitates the creation of APIs that expose the functionality of…

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Custom function in ICS to extend transformation capabilities

There is always the limitation in the product we use in the IT and all the product do not fill all the requirements. That is the reason we use custom…

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File Upload Process in Integration Cloud Services REST API

File upload is a very common aspect of each and every technology we used in our day to day projects as part of the REST service. This is very common…

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Integration on ICS to expose REST service

This blog is very useful for those who is keen to know, how to create REST services in ICS. This is very straight forward.  After this blog you have learned…

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Secure RESTFul API using OAuth2 : Spring

This blog is the extension of my previous blog in which we have explained how to develop RESTFul APIs using Spring and Hibernate.  This time is to implement OAuth 2 in…

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RESTFul API in Spring MVC : CRUD Operation

REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It’s an is an architectural style which can be used to design web services, that can be consumed from a variety of clients. The…

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