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Split a CSV file into multiple based on a column in OIC

When I was implementing AP Invoices FBDI Integration for one of my clients, I noticed that they were providing Invoices of all Bussiness Units in a single file, But during…

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ERP Integration using File Based Data Import: Oracle Integration

The Oracle ERP integration is one of the most common integration requirement in today’s world as most of the big organization is having Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) to manage enterprise functions…

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Managing Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) Application

Managing Oracle Process Cloud Service application includes assigning roles to users or groups to initiate the process, approve/reject the assigned task etc. Roles assigned to end users define their permissions,…

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Integration Versioning: Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we are going to showcase the concept of Integration Versioning in Oracle Integration Cloud. Some blogs that might help you extend your knowledge Multiple resources with single…

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Overview of Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS)

The article is written to give you an overview of Oracle Process Cloud Service(PCS) Oracle Process Cloud Service is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides…

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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter in OIC

The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter enables you to integrate the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database with Oracle Integration through use of direct connectivity. Use the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing…

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How to Subscribe Oracle Cloud with one-month free trial

The one who is looking at how to subscribe to Oracle cloud, here is the article which will help guide you step by step. Below are the steps which will…

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Connect DBaaS instance from SQL Developer

In the previous article, we have provisioned a Oracle Database (DBaaS) instance. This article will show how to connect DBaaS instance from SQL developer from public network.  By default, the…

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Migrate Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Integrations to Integration Cloud (OIC)

This article is written to show how to migrate ICS artifacts including Integrations, Connections, Lookups, packages, libraries etc. to OIC. Since, ICS /OIC provides the export and import feature but…

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“Internal Server Error” while invoking https service from Oracle API CS platform

In most of the cases, we configure back-end services in API CS which are SSL enabled. So while invoking such service via browser or POSTMAN tool, we face a generic…

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