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Apply SSL certificate on API CS physical Gateway node

High level steps to configure SSL in API CS physical Gateway Create Java KeyStore (JKS) and generate key Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Send the CSR file to CA…

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Key Validation Policies in Oracle API Cloud Service (CS)

The Verify API Key policy lets user enforce verification of API keys at run-time, letting only apps with approved API keys access the APIs. This policy ensures that API keys…

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Managing Applications in Oracle API Cloud Service (CS)

Applications represent the applications API consumers use to send requests to registered APIs in Oracle API CS. Consumers register applications to APIs they use. Important Blogs to learn more about…

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Plan in Oracle API Cloud Service (CS)

Plans are used to group and entitle access for client applications to a set of APIs, enforcing some quality of service or access control criteria. A plan can entitlement to…

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Create an Oracle Linux instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic (OCI)

This blog will help us to create an Oracle Linux in Compute Classic. In this article, we’ll create an instance from an Oracle provided Oracle Linux image and boot the…

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Creating an API in Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (API CS)

  Oracle API Platform Cloud Service offers an easy way to manage, secure, and publish services for application developers. It facilitates the creation of APIs that expose the functionality of…

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Service Account in Oracle API Cloud Service(CS)

Service Account is an authentication feature provided by Oracle API CS. In other words, Service Account is a resource containing credentials. Service Account can be used when a back-end service…

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