Place file in FTP Server from BIP using OIC

In this article, I’ll explain how to use Oracle Integration cloud to place file from BI Publisher report to FTP server. I’ll develop a scheduled integration that will run a…

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Oracle PL/SQL Cursor: Implicit and Explicit

In this article, I’ll explain cursors and different types of cursors(Implicit and Explicit) with examples. When an SQL statement is processed, Oracle creates a memory area known as the context…

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Creating Procedures, Functions, and Packages in PL/SQL

In this tutorial, you will see a detailed description of how to create and execute the named blocks (procedures and functions and packages). What is a Procedure? A Procedure in PL/SQL is…

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Oracle Integration | format-dateTime() is failing with “The XPath expression failed to execute

While doing the conversion of current date time into another format using the format:dateTime() function into Oracle Integration: you may face the following error: Issue: The issue is the xp20:format-dateTime…

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Creating Dynamic Graphs in BIP Reports

In this article, I’ll demonstrate the steps involved in creating dynamic graphs in the BIP report output and the steps involved in it. Sometimes end users require to visualize the…

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Error and Exception Handling In Oracle PL/SQL

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how your Oracle PL/SQL programs can use errors and exception handlers in Oracle and how to write exception handlers to handle exceptions. PL/SQL exception and…

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Exploring Oracle Cloud Vision Service

Every industry invests its resources to find ML use cases to ease operations. Oracle Cloud Vision service is one such AI service. Oracle Vision is built for performing visual analysis…

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Different types of Loops in Oracle PL/SQL

In this article, I’ll demonstrate the different types of loops used in Oracle PL/SQL. Loops are used to repeatedly execute code until some condition is met. We will understand by…

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Creating schema and adding roles in an Oracle Autonomous Database

In this article, I’ll point out the difference between schema and users and also explain how to create a user and add roles to a user in an autonomous database…

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How to provision an Autonomous Database on the Oracle Cloud

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to provision a free-tier autonomous database instance and the steps involved in it. What is Autonomous Database An autonomous database is a cloud database…

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