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Add Custom Validator for the input fields in Oracle ADF

When we create any web-application in any one of the technology it is important to validate the form either at the client-side or server-side before it actually goes ahead for…

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How to create List Of Values in Oracle ADF

The most common requirement in the project is to create List Of Values. List of Values contains multiple values in a dropdown. In this short article, I’m going to showcase…

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ADF BC With No Database Connection

Sometimes user need programmatic View object with no database connection.If you want to disable database access for ADF BC application, you will need to update bc4j.xcfg. I would recommend to update…

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Get Current Logged in User

Most of the time we need to get current logged in user in ADF application. Below is code snippet to get current user: public static String getCurrentUser(){        String userName =…

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