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Oracle Application Express (APEX) Training

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Training

What is Oracle APEX?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a web-based application development tool for rapidly developing, deploying and managing business-critical web applications. It is a low-code development platform that includes rapid web application development and automated database management. It is used by developers to create web applications that are secure, robust, and feature-rich.

Who is this course for?

This course will help citizen developers, web developers, and everyone who would like to learn the low code platform and help organization to quickly meet the frequently changing requirements.

What you’ll learn in this APEX Training?

• How to start with APEX and create your own workspace to build application.
• Application designing, page creation, form processing, dynamic and interactive components creation.
• How to interact with external application using REST and SOAP APIs
• Provide support in Resume and Interview Preparation

What can you do after this Training?

• You will have enough skills and knowledge to quickly build and deploy powerful database-driven web applications with Oracle Application Express
• How to extend your application by adding reports, collections, plugins, and more through hands-on exercises and projects
• Oracle APEX cloud developer professional (1ZO-770) exam


    Training Course Structure

    Course Outline
    • What is Oracle APEX
    • Why Oracle APEX
    • The APEX architecture
    • Use-cases of Oracle APEX
    • On-premises and Oracle Cloud options for Oracle APEX
    • Pre-requisites for Oracle APEX setup and installation
    • Setup Oracle APEX on Oracle Cloud
    • Setup Oracle APEX as a service
    • Provisioning an Oracle APEX workspace
    • How to create workspace users
    • Instance Administration Tasks
    • Overview of APEX pages
    • Types of Oracle APEX applications
    • Understanding of Regions
    • Understanding of Forms, Reports, Charts
    • Understanding of dynamic actions
    • Creation of first application using existing excel files
    • How tables are getting created from the excel files
    • How to add and modify filters
    • App builder Overview
    • Page Designer Overview
    • Getting started and using SQL workshop components
    • How to use SQL commands and SQL scripts
    • Build and save SQL queries using Query Builder
    • Import and export data using Utilities
    • Generate SQL by using quick SQL
    • Start building application pages
    • Exploring page structure and components
    • Understanding of regions
    • Create and modify a region and subregion
    • Add page groups and comments
    • Work with various reports in Oracle APEX
    • Learn how to create various type of reports
    • Create faceted search, cards, and smart filters
    • Create, manipulate and customize interactive reports
    • Create and modify classic and wizard reports
    • Working with Interactive Grids
    • Customize an Interactive Grid as a developer
    • Customize an Interactive Grid as an end-user
    • How to create button and execute events
    • How to work with List of Values
    • How to create dependent List of Values
    • Identify different type of items
    • Create items and edit item attributes
    • Understanding of page rendering and processing
    • Creating and understanding of page computations
    • Creating and understanding of page validations
    • How to create various branches
    • Understanding of Dynamic Actions
    • Working with Dynamic Actions
    • Enabling and disabling components using dynamic actions
    • Filtering and Refreshing the regions
    • Filtering and Refreshing the reports
    • Understanding of Faceted Search
    • Understanding of Smart Search
    • Creating and modifying Faceted Search
    • Creating and modifying Smart Search
    • Working with Cards
    • Working with Navigations
    • Creating different type of Navigations
    • Working with dialog boxes
    • How to navigate from one page to another
    • Working with pagination
    • Understanding of different Themes
    • Understanding of different Templates
    • Managing themes using CSS
    • Understanding theme style and theme roller
    • Create a new theme from the repository and switch to the theme to make current
    • How to consume external REST APIs
    • How to REST data sources
    • REST Data Synchonization
    • Understanding of plugins
    • Create, edit and manage automations
    • Introducing the approval in Oracle APEX
    • How to create and manage approvals
    • How to send email notifications
    • Understanding of Authentication and Authorization
    • Understanding of Authorization scheme
    • Create an authentication scheme for your application
    • Create an authorization scheme using Access Control
    • Implementing security in the APEX application
    • Exporting application from source environment
    • Importing application to target environments
    • Migration of database objects between environments
    • One-click remote deployment
    • Understanding of various best practices of APEX application
    • Understanding of various recommendations of APEX application
    • How to optimize the APEX application
    • Spreadsheet Conversion Lab
    • Social Media App
    • Online Shopping Cart Application

    Training Details

    Training Schedule

    Timings: 06:00 to 08:00 PM IST

    Day: Saturday and Sunday

    Date: 01-June-2024

    Total Duration: 30 hours

    Mode: Online