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Oracle Visual Builder FAQs

Oracle Visual Builder FAQs

What is Oracle Visual Builder?

Oracle Visual Builder is a low-code platform to build engaging web and mobile applications quickly.

Do we need an Oracle Integration instance to use Oracle Visual Builder?

No, Oracle Visual Builder is an integral part of Oracle Integration but there is a separate offering also.

How does Oracle Visual Builder licensing work?

  1. If you are using Visual Builder as part of Oracle Integration, then every concurrent user per hour consumes 100 messages.
  2. If you are using a separate Visual Builder, then pricing is per OCPU.

Is there any free version of Visual Builder to explore?

Yes, you can create the OCI free trial account and once the OCI account is setup, you can create the free Oracle Integration account or Visual Builder for 30 days to learn.

Watch the following video to know how to create OCI free trial account:


Is there any database associated with Oracle Visual Builder to store the data?

Yes, Oracle Visual Builder comes by default with an embedded database with a 5 GB storage limit.

Can we link other databases with Oracle Visual Builder?

Yes, you can switch the default embedded database with any other Oracle database instance such as Oracle Database cloud as a service or Oracle Autonomous Database.

Do we need to install any software to deploy the Oracle Visual Builder applications?

No, deployment will be done using the browser only.

How do we connect third party applications in Oracle Visual Builder?

You can use the inbuilt feature Service Connection to connect to any application using their REST APIs.

Watch the following video to know how to consume external REST API in Oracle Visual Builder


Is there any Oracle Cloud application REST API catalog in Oracle Visual Builder?

Yes, Oracle Visual Builder has an inbuilt Oracle Cloud application REST APIs catalog which makes it easy to create Oracle Cloud application extensions.

Can we call any Integration developed in Oracle Integration?

Yes, you can call any REST based integration using the Integration backend service.

Watch the following video to know how to consume REST based integration in Oracle Visual Builder


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