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What is Oracle Service Bus and key benefits

Oracle Service Bus, aka OSB, is an Enterprise Service Bus implementation by Oracle. OSB, formerly known as Aqalogic Service Bus, was acquired when Oracle bought BEA Systems. Oracle Service Bus transforms architectures by connecting,…

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Generate Unique value in OSB

The function fn-bea:uuid() returns a universally unique identifier. The function has the following signature:  fn-bea:uuid() as xs:string You can use this function in the proxy pipeline to generate a unique…

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Convert XML String to XML in OSB : fn-bea:inlinedXML

Sometime it is required to convert XML string into XML document. OSB allows us to convert XML String to XML document using OSB inbuilt function. You can use the fn-bea:inlinedXML…

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Custom Xpath function in Oracle Service Bus

OSB allows us to create custom Xpath function and these function case be used in XSLT, Xquery. Custom Xpath function is the way to extend the built in functionality of…

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Secure Oracle Service Bus REST using OWSM

Security is one of the main aspects of any service. Services are reusable and can be invoked by either internal or external customers, so we should secure our Service Bus…

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Enable CORS in the Oracle Service bus

Enabling CORS(Cross Origin Resource Sharing) is one of the primary requirement when we are playing with multiple environments and want to access service from the different environment. Considering, we have…

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REST Service with DB adapter Oracle Service Bus

In the previous blog, we have explained, how to create simple REST service without DB adapter. Please follow the blog to get the basic understanding of how to create simple…

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Create REST Service in Oracle Service Bus

In this blog, I’m gonna to write a very basic example on the Oracle Service Bus 12.1.3 which shows how to create REST service in Oracle Service Bus.   After…

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