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Integrating Oracle Process Automation in Oracle Visual Builder

Integrating Oracle Process Automation in Oracle Visual Builder

Oracle Process Automation is low-code designer environment to quickly create structured and dynamic process workflows. Leverage capabilities such as reusable business rules, configurable web forms, connectivity to prebuilt application integrations, and much more to simplify repetitive tasks and automate your business processes.

After a process is created in Oracle Process Automation, you may want to initiate the processes from UI built-in another low-code platform such as Visual Builder, Oracle Apex, etc.

Oracle Process Automation provides factory APIs that can be used to initiate, view pending tasks, take actions, etc from any other application without using the Oracle Process Automation workspace.

Oracle Visual Builder, provides the inbuilt catalog known in OPA that can be used to integrate processes with minimal effort.

In the following video, We have captured all the necessary steps to show how to create a Confidential application, configure OPA backend in Oracle Visual Builder, and how to integrate OPA processes in Oracle Visual Builder. Please look at it end to end.

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