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Integration between FTP – Sharepoint (Upload documents): Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we’ll show how to pull the file from the FTP location and upload to the SharePoint repository. To complete this article we should have followings: Sharepoint REST…

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Access Sharepoint online REST APIs

SharePoint APIs are secured using the OAuth framework. So an access token is required to make rest calls to SharePoint APIs to pull/push data. There are many ways to authenticate…

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Oracle Integration Cloud & VBCS

Oracle Integration Cloud Deep Dive on Udemy. Learn OIC end to end with real-time examples and earn more in 2020. Apply coupon code “FREEDOM74” to get the course in just Rs. 3000. The offer is for a limited period of time.

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Process Cloud Service

Oracle Process Cloud Course on Udemy. Learn PCS  step by step with real-time examples.

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