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Integration between FTP – Sharepoint (Upload documents): Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we’ll show how to pull the file from the FTP location and upload to the SharePoint repository.

To complete this article we should have followings:

  • Sharepoint REST connection: Refer the article to create Sharepoint connection with REST API
  • FTP connection: Refer the article to create the FTP connection
Below is the Sharepoint REST API which is used to upload the document in Sharepoint repository.


https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/<site_name>/ _api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl(‘<relative_patjh_of_folder>’)/Files/add(url='<doc_name>’,overwrite=true)
For example:


Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
Accept: application/json; odata=verbose
Request Payload:
Upload file as binary in body
Use the above API in Oracle Integration cloud to upload the document.
  • Create a scheduled integration
  • Drop the FTP adapter and enter the name of the endpoint(ListFiles)
  • Configure properties as below and click on the Next button
    • Select Operation: List File
    • Input Directory: Enter the directory from which files to be listed
    • File Name Pattern: *
  • Complete the wizard
  • Drop For-Each activity just below the FTP adapter and configure properties as below
    • Name: LoopOverTheFiles
    • Repeating Element: Drop the repeated element of ListFile Response
    • Current Element Name: CurrentFile
  • Drop the FTP adapter(under For each) from where the file needs to read, enter the name of endpoint(ReadFiles) and click the Next button
  • Configure properties as below and click on the Next button
    • Select Operation: Read File
    • Input Directory: Enter the directory from where the files to be read
    • File Name Pattern: abc.txt
  • Select No radio button from Do you want to define the schema for this endpoint? and click the Next button

  • Complete the wizard
  • Edit the ReadFiles mapper and do the mapping as below:
    • CurrentFile->File->directory ——>  SyncReadFile->FileReadRequest->directory
    • CurrentFile->File->filename  ——>  SyncReadFile->FileReadRequest->filename
  • Drop the Sharepoint REST connection, configure below properties and click the Next button
    • What do you want to call your endpoint: UploadDoc
    • What is the endpoint’s relative resource URI?
/sites/{site}/_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl(‘{Folder Name}’)/Files/add(url='{documentname}’,overwrite=true)
    • What action does this endpoint perform: POST
    • Check the checkbox Add and review parameters for this endpoint
    • Check the checkbox Configure a request payload for this endpoint
    • Check the checkbox Configure this endpoint to receive the response
  • Click the Next button
  • Select Raw radio button from Select the request payload format section and click the Next button
  • Select JSON Sample and then click the <<< inline >>> link, then enter below sample json
    “d”: {
        “__metadata”: {
            “id”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)”,
            “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)”,
            “type”: “SP.File”
        “Author”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/Author”
        “CheckedOutByUser”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/CheckedOutByUser”
        “EffectiveInformationRightsManagementSettings”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/EffectiveInformationRightsManagementSettings”
        “InformationRightsManagementSettings”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/InformationRightsManagementSettings”
        “ListItemAllFields”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/ListItemAllFields”
        “LockedByUser”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/LockedByUser”
        “ModifiedBy”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/ModifiedBy”
        “Properties”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/Properties”
        “VersionEvents”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/VersionEvents”
        “Versions”: {
            “__deferred”: {
                “uri”: “https://online.sharepoint.com/sites/devsite/_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedurl=’/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf’)/Versions”
        “CheckInComment”: “”,
        “CheckOutType”: 2,
        “ContentTag”: “{ssss121212-9294-4332-9D09-BBsdds2232323},7,2”,
        “CustomizedPageStatus”: 0,
        “ETag”: “”{ ssss121212-9294-4332-9D09-BBsdds2232323},7″”,
        “Exists”: true,
        “IrmEnabled”: false,
        “Length”: “1564522”,
        “Level”: 1,
        “LinkingUri”: null,
        “LinkingUrl”: “”,
        “MajorVersion”: 7,
        “MinorVersion”: 0,
        “Name”: “doc1.pdf”,
        “ServerRelativeUrl”: “/sites/devsite/ParentFolder/TestFolder/doc1.pdf”,
        “TimeCreated”: “2019-05-16T10:03:27Z”,
        “TimeLastModified”: “2019-05-16T10:03:27Z”,
        “Title”: “Test tilte Updated”,
        “UIVersion”: 3584,
        “UIVersionLabel”: “7.0”,
        “UniqueId”: “2211de2-9294-1111-2222-ff45b5bc2e0f”
  •  Select Other Media type and enter application/json; odata=verbose. Click on the Next button
  • Edit the UploadDoc mapper and do the mapping as below:
    • ReadFiles….->FileReference —– > streamReference
    • ReadFiles….->filename —–> TemplateParameters -> documentname
    • Hard code the sitename as “devsite” 
    • Hard code the foldername as “Shared%20Documents/TestFolder

The integration is completed now. Activate the integration.

  • Put some files on the SFTP location and Submit the integration
  • See all the files should be uploaded into the Sharepoint repository. 

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