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See how OIC integrations are behaving at runtime

One of the most inevitable tasks for administrators and developers to monitor the Integrations and see how OIC integrations are behaving in runtime. It’s really important to check the health of Integration regularly to avoid bad situations.

Integration Cloud provides a rich dashboard that helps different personas to monitor the running integrations.

Few Important Links

HCM Data loader in Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration Cloud HCM adapter

Monitor Integrations

The monitoring dashboard provides information and tools to monitor the integration through a rich set of interactive screens.

One of the screens of the dashboard allows you to manage the failed integration and take further action upon it.

Dashboard Navigation

Oracle Integration Dashboard

View Dashboard

The dashboard is full of different views to check how integrations are performing.

Oracle Integration Dashboard

Monitor Integrations

Shows how many messages have been received, processed, failed, etc.

Oracle Integration Cloud Dasbhoard

Monitor Agents

Monitor the agent groups and their associated connectivity agents in Oracle Integration.

Connectivity Agent in Oracle Integration Cloud

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