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Bunch of Oracle Integration Cloud courses

Bunch of Oracle Integration Cloud courses

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Course Overview

The bundle will help you to learn everything you want to learn from TechSupper. The bundle is designed to clear your 1Z0 1042: Oracle Cloud Platform Application Integration 2020 Specialist certification.

The bundle includes all the OIC courses including the below:

  • ¬†Oracle Integration Cloud in depth
  • A way to learn Oracle Integration
  • Oracle Integration real time use cases
  • Oracle Process Cloud
  • Oracle API Platform

After completing all the courses mentioned above you will be in a position to attempt the OIC certification.

I will keep adding the courses in the same bundle when a new course will be published. So you will have all courses as a bundle.

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Duration 3M 2H
Level Beginner
Lectures 179
Price 5,000.00

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