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All About Oracle Integration Agent | OIC

Majority of Oracle Integration users are well aware of OIC Agent. In this blog, we will be covering the What, Why/Where & How parts of it to clear confusion around…

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How to create Dataset in Oracle Analytics Cloud

Clean data is a prerequisite to any good model or useful analysis. When data is present in large amounts or is not stored properly, cleaning activities take up a majority…

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Connect Oracle Analytics with Autonomous Database

Performing data analysis and getting insights from data is easy in Oracle Analytics due to self-service features and ML capabilities. To explore these features and fully use them, one should…

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Oracle Visual Builder Excel Plugin to perform bulk operations

In this article, we are demonstrating how to perform bulk operations on Business Objects using the Excel plug-in of Oracle Visual builder. Usually, we manipulate BO data by event and…

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Provisioning an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) instance

Enterprises can leverage Oracle Analytics Cloud to enable them to be data-driven. This post will go into detail about the steps to provision an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) instance and…

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Leveraging OCI Functions to invoke OIC Integrations

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to Leverage OCI Functions to invoke OIC Integrations. Following is the sample architecture, how to use OCI Functions to call Oracle Integrations. Pre-Requisites Access…

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Encrypt/Decrypt data using OCI Vault in Oracle Integration

In this article, we will explain and demonstrate how to encrypt/decrypt the data using OCI Vault in Oracle Integration. The most common requirement of any application is security especially when…

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Read CSV/Excel and insert data to business objects in Oracle Visual Builder

This article demonstrates how to read CSV/Excel file data and push it into Oracle Visual Builder Business Objects. Following are the steps involved in the complete use case: Creation of…

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Suppliers to Oracle VB synch using Oracle Integration

While creating an Oracle Application SaaS extension in Oracle Visual Builder, you may need to synchronize the master data from Oracle Application to Visual Builder Business Objects. The benefit of…

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How to add parameters in BIP report in Oracle SaaS

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to add parameters to the BIP report and the steps involved in it. Many times end users request to add parameters to the report…

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