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Creating an API in Oracle API Platform Cloud Service (API CS)


Oracle API Platform Cloud Service offers an easy way to manage, secure, and publish services for application developers. It facilitates the creation of APIs that expose the functionality of organization’s back-end systems or other services. 

In this article, we’ll show how to create an API using existing backend service. We must have backend REST API endpoint up and running before beginning this article.

Let’s assume our backend service is running on below endpoint:


We’ll manage the above REST endpoint in API CS

Below are the steps to manage REST endpoint in API CS

  • Log in to Oracle API Portal Console using http://hostname:port/apiplatform
  • Click on Create API button
  • On the Create API page, enter the following values, and then click Create:
    • Name: Enter API name TestAPI
    • Version: Enter version as v1.0
  • Click on TestAPI
  • Click on API Implementation tab
  • In the API Request section, Click on Edit button
  • On the Edit Policy Page, enter API EndPoint URL. Let say test and click Apply button


  • In the Service Request section, Click on Edit button


  • Enter base URI(https://abc.com) of the REST API Endpoint. If the service is Basic Auth or OAuth, then select Service Account.  As of now service is not secured so simply click Apply button
  • Click on Save button
  • Configuration is complete. Let’s deploy the service on Physical Gateway
  • Click on Deployments tab
  • Click on Deploy API
  • Select Gateway and Click on Deploy button
  • The API deployment appears on the Waiting tab as the API in the WAITING deployment state
  • Once Deployed, API will appear under the Deployed tab


  • The API has been created and deployed. This is the time to test the API. If, Physical Gateway API is not remembered, click on Deployments tab and Expand the bar 
  • Copy the URL from Nodes section


  • Paste the copied URL in the browser URL and append the relative URL(/portal/employee?id=1234) of REST API

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