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Update Cloud Storage User password for Oracle DBaaS

This article shows how to change Cloud Storage User password for Oracle DBaaS instance via command

  • Login as a root user into the DBaaS instance via SSH client(putty)
  • Move to the directory “/var/opt/oracle/ocde/assistants/bkup
  • Take a backup of “bkp.cfg” of file using below command:
cp bkp.cfg bkupold.cfg
  • Edit the “bkp.cfg“ using  below command
vi bkup.cfg 
  • In the file “bkp.cfg” add below line and save the file
bkup_oss_passwd=<new cloud storage password
Note: Make sure nothing in the file apart from the above entry
  • Change the permission of the file using below command one by one
chown root bkup.cfg
chmod 0600 bkup.cfg
  • Run below command to change the password
./bkup -cfg bkup.cfg
  •  Once the backup is successful, below will be the output
Starting BKUP
Logfile is /var/opt/oracle/log/bkup/bkup_2018-07-07_18:18:22.log 
Config file is bkup.cfg 
dbname: ORCL 
Dataguard configuration 
Enabled: 0 
Looking for previous configuration: 
Directory : /home/oracle/bkup/ORCL 
-> obkup 
-> dbcfg.spec 
-> oscfg.spec 
-> Found: 3 files 
-> Moving previous configuration to /home/oracle/bkup/ORCL_22210911180994 
DB edition: standard 
OSS channels: 1 
INFO: OSS connection using supplied creds passed. 
No initial bkup of PFILE needed. 
Configuring Backup to NDS and OSS. 
Configuring Backup to OSS 
Preparing OPC library. 
INFO : OPC opc install 
opc_installer.pm: oss_sname is missing. at /var/opt/oracle/ocde/assistants/bkup/../../../perl_lib/DBAAS/opc_installer.pm line 275. 
opc_installer.pm: oss_tid is missing. at /var/opt/oracle/ocde/assistants/bkup/../../../perl_lib/DBAAS/opc_installer.pm line 276. 
Downloading opc_installer.zip… 
Running OPC installer… 
INFO : libopc found at /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/lib. Move to /tmp directory. 
using file : /var/opt/oracle/log/ORCL/bkup/temp.sh 
Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module Install Tool, build 
Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module credentials are valid. 
Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module wallet created in directory /u01/app/oracle/admin/ORCL/opc_wallet. 
Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module initialization file /u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/dbhome_1/dbs/opcORCL.ora created. 
Downloading Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module Software Library from file opc_linux64.zip. 
Download complete. 
OPC installer completed successfully. 
OSS specific RMAN config for libopc 
Configuring Backup to disk 
Common RMAN Config 
Instantiating obkup 
Instantiating dbcfg.spec 
Configuring backup of Config File 
Updating Control File Record Keep Time 
Enabling block change tracking 
Updating RMAN defaults 
Adding entry to crontab 
INFO: Archivelog management enabled. 
Adding entry to crontab 
Accessing to your Database ID .. 
The DBaaS instance database id is: 12121212 
#### Completed Execution.

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