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How to invoke an Integration from another Integration: Oracle Integration Cloud

In this blog, we are going to showcase how to call an existing integration from another integration without creating a separate connection. This feature is available in the OIC version 18.3.1 onwards. This feature is available using the feature flag “oic.ics.console.integration.invoke.local.integration

Please go through the blog which helps you to see the feature flag functionality in Oracle Integration Cloud.

Will create a new REST API which will call existing Integration SAMPLE_REST. 

This  SAMPLE_REST is the rest API which takes one request parameter(name) and gives the response in JSON.

Below is the structure of SAMPLE_REST integration:

Request URL:



  “greeting” : “Hi Ankur”

Only the active integration can be called from the Integration so activate the integration SAMPLE_REST

Let’s create the caller integration

  • Create an orchestration integration with the name InvokeIntegration
  • Drop the REST adapter as a Trigger, enter information as below and click the Next button
    • What do you want to call you endpoint: CallInt
    • What is the endpoint’s relative resource URI: /call
    • What action do you want to perform on this endpoint: GET
    • Select the Add and review parameters for this endpoint checkbox
    • Select Configure this endpoint to receive the response checkbox
  • Add one parameter(UserName) of string type and click the Next button
  • Select the JSON sample from the drop down and enter below json using the <<<inline>>> option
  “usergreeting” : “Hi Ankur”
  • Expand the Actions menu from the right panel, Drag the Integration activity and drop just below the REST adapter
  • Enter the endpoint name as CallIntegration and click the Next button
  • The next page shows all the activated integration. Select the Integration(Sample_Rest) and click the Next button
  • Select the Operation and click the Next button
  • Edit the CallIntegration mapper
  • Map the username to name and close the mapper
  • Edit the CallInt mapper and map gretting to usergreeting
  • Now save, close and Activate the integration. Hit the REST endpoint using the endpoint URL and see the response
  • Go to the Monitoring -> Tracking and see the InvokeIntegration should get hit. Open the instance and see the CallIntegration activity should be in green which means the Sample_Rest integration called successfully

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  1. added on 3 Jul, 2019

    Hi Ankur, any idea why this is still a feature flag and not GA(General Availability) ?

  2. Reply

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