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Filter Unique records using for each group

Filter Unique records using for each group

Oracle has introduced a new Adapter in Oracle Integration-3 known as the Salesforce REST adapter. To use this adapter, you must have a minimum 24.02 version of Oracle Integration-3

In this article, we’ll discuss about the Salesforce REST Adapter and its capabilities.

About the Salesforce REST Adapter

Salesforce-REST adapter is one of the out-of-the-box adapter that allows you to connect to Salesforce CRM with Oracle Integration.

You can configure the Salesforce REST Adapter as a trigger or invoke a connection in an integration in Oracle Integration.

Salesforce-REST Adapter Capabilities

Salesforce Adapter as Trigger:

  • Subscribes to platform events published on Salesforce.com
  • Subscribes to change data events published on Salesforce.com

Salesforce Adapter as Invoke:

  • Allow to perform Create, Update, Upsert, and Delete on the Standard, Recommended, or Custom business objects.
  • Allow to perform Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) and Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) queries and retrieve query operations across all business objects.
  • Supports Core or Utility operations such as, Get User Info,  Get Deleted, Get Updated, Approval Process, Send Email.
  • Invokes Apex Services

Security Policy on Salesforce-REST Adapter

Salesforce REST adapter uses the following two security policies:

  • OAuth 2.0 client credentials
  • OAuth 2.0 authorization code credentials

Pre-requisites for Salesforce REST Adapter

Following are the pre-requisites to create the Salesforce REST connection.

  • Salesforce domain URL in the form of https://yourDomain.my.salesforce.com/
  • Salesforce API version
  • The client id and client secret

We have captured all the necessary steps to create the Salesforce Connection in the following video.

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