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The “MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]” IO operation for “/test/Emp_1.csv” failed: Oracle Integration File adapter

The “MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]” IO operation for “/test/Emp_1.csv” failed: Oracle Integration File adapter

I had a hard time fixing the error The “MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]” IO operation for “/test/archive/Emp_1.csv failed” which occurred while performing the move operation of File adapter in Oracle Integration.

The complete error stack trace can be seen in the activity as shown below:

Error Summary: ICS runtime execution error Error Reason: oracle.tip.adapter.sa.api.JCABindingException: The IO operation failed.
The IO operation failed.
The "MOVE[NOOP][IO_ONLY]" IO operation for "/test/Emp_1.csv" failed.
Check the error stack and fix the cause of the error.
:Application Error

Issue: In the integration, I was using a File Adapter to poll the file, writing the content of the file to FTP using an FTP adapter, and then moving the file from one place to another using a File adapter move operation. But by mistake, I had enabled “Delete Files After Successful Reading” option of the File adapter at trigger as shown in the following screenshot:

The file was getting deleted because the option “Delete Files After Successful Reading” was checked and the move operation was not able to find the file hence the error was raised.


There are two solutions you can do to fix this error:

  1. Unselect the Delete Files After Successful Reading option while configuring the File adapter as poll
  2. Don’t use the File adapter move operation to move the file.

After implementing either solution, the integration will work file.

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