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Features of Oracle Integration 3

Features of Oracle Integration 3

Oracle Integration 3 is the new upgraded version of Oracle Integration with a new set of features.

As of Oracle Integration 22.12, the following are the features of Oracle Integration-3:

Deep Dive in Oracle Integration-3

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Integration is also known as Application Integration

  • Connects all of your SaaS and on-premises business applications
  • 6-10X faster using prebuilt adapters to simplify the technical complexity of dealing with low-level APIs. Centralized all your integration at a single place.

Embedded Recipe & Accelerator

Are the prebuilt solutions that bundle all the resources required to achieve an end-to-end integration.

Integration Insights

Enable you to create, update, and embed real time dashboards in business applications without modifying underlying integrations to prevent delays and failures with early warnings.

File Server

An embedded SFTP server within Oracle Integration, enabling us to build integrations without needing to host and maintain a separate SFTP server. File Server gives you 500 GB space.

To know more about Oracle Integration-3, look at the following video:


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