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Fetch unique values from BO in Oracle Visual Builder

Fetch unique values from BO in Oracle Visual Builder

In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to fetch unique values from BO in Oracle Visual Builder.

Let us understand this use-case with an example as follows:

An application keeps inserting the transaction data into one of the VB Business Objects (BO) with the status (Success, Fail, Error, etc) of each transaction. You wanted to populate a table from the transactional data you receive in BO. Along with this, you wanted to create some filters on the same web page and one of the filters must be on the status column to filter the data from the table.

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The status filter would be a drop-down that should be populated with unique statuses that are in the transactional BO.

As such, BO doesn’t have the internal capability to filter the unique records from BO. So as an alternate approach, a new BO can be created which will be updated with only new status values inserted into the transactional BO with the help of Object Trigger created on the transactional BO.

To demonstrate this use case, we have created an end-to-end video that will help you to know to fetch unique values from Oracle Visual Builder Business Object. Click on the following link and watch the complete video:

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