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Free Certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Free Certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Join the race and achieve your targets this year. Oracle come up again with free Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Certifications starting from June 1 – August 31, 2023.

It’s great time to learn and clear all your certificate.

You can choose the path of your choice, learn with free resources available, review the exam topic, schedule your exam, and complete the certification.

You can expedite your learning with TechSupper by joining the following trainings:

Oracle Integration Training

Oracle Integration Training


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Training

You can do following Oracle Cloud Certification (OCI):

  1. OCI Foundations (2023)
  2. OCI Architect Associate (2023)
  3. OCI Architect Professional (2023)

You can also do the Oracle 1Z0-1042-23 | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Application Integration Professional certification absolutely free.

Review the exam topics including weightage of each topic;

The following table lists the exam objectives and their weightings.

Objectives % of Exam
Getting Started with OIC Integrations 18%
Using OIC Connections and Adapters 21%
Creating Orchestrated Integrations 40%
Creating Scheduled Integrations 11%
Testing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Integrations 16%

Getting Started with OIC Integrations [18%]

  • Describe the Key Components of the OIC Integration Feature
  • Explain OIC Integrations Concepts
  • Understand How Integrations Work
  • Understand Web Services Fundamentals (WSDL, SOAP, REST, JSON)

Using OIC Connections & Adapters [21%]

  • Define Connections
  • Configure Trigger Connections
  • Configure Invoke Connections
  • Understand the Connectivity Agent

Creating Orchestrated Integrations [40%]

  • Manage OIC Lookups
  • Use the OIC Data Mapper
  • Use Custom JavaScript Libraries
  • Add and Configure Orchestration Flow Actions
  • Understand and Use File Handling Options
  • Understand and Use the Fault Handling Framework

Creating Scheduled Integrations [11%]

  • Define an Integration Schedule
  • Convert a Scheduled Integration to App-Driven
  • Using Scheduled Parameters

Testing, Monitoring and Troubleshooting Integrations [16%]

  • Activate & Deactivate Integrations
  • Test REST Trigger Connection-Based Integrations
  • Import & Export Integrations
  • Monitor & Troubleshoot Integration Instances

Schedule your 1Z0-1043 certificate now.

Not only this, there are so many certificates that you can do absolutely free.

View the complete list of certificates here.

Happy Learning!