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Understanding of Oracle Integration-3 event

Understanding of Oracle Integration-3 event

Oracle has recently introduced a new feature called Event in Oracle Integration-3, equivalent to the publisher and subscriber model of Oracle Integration-2.

In this article, we’ll help you understand what that event is and how to use it.

What is event

Events are raised when something happens in the system such as:

  • Employee onboarded
  • Order created
  • PO Created
  • Trip canceled

Once the events are raised, multiple applications can subscribe to those events parallelly and take actions on those events such as:

vSend the employee details for badge creation

Send the employee details to provide access to the learning system.

What is Oracle Integration Event?

Oracle Integration-3 (starting from 23.06) has introduced an Event that you can create in JSON format to publish and multiple subscribers can subscribe to those events.

You define the events in JSON-formatted files.

The publish and subscribe feature enables you to decouple producers and subscribers. This decoupling enables you to define an event and start building your subscriber for the event before the event is published.

What is Publish Event Action?

Publish event action allows publishing an event that enables subscribing integrations to subscribe to this event.

You can use this pattern in app-driven as well as in the Schedule integration pattern.

What is an Event Pattern?

Event pattern allows you to subscribe to an event that is published by a producer.

The subscribing integration event is triggered when the integration publishing the event is run.

Multiple integrations can subscribe to the same published event.

Remaining aspects in a comprehensive video that you can access through the provided link:

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