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How to create an HDL file and upload it to Oracle HCM using Oracle Integration

How to create an HDL file and upload it to Oracle HCM using Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration-3 has recently announced a new feature using which can be used to regularly back up all the integrations and create a new clone instance.

You can clone (create) archives of integration design-time metadata to export and import between Oracle Integration 3 instances.


  • Take a snapshot of a production environment and try to recreate a problem in a different environment
  • Move metadata from an instance in one region to an instance in another region
  • Perform manual archives, or automate your environment to archive daily to a repository such as Git


  • Object Storage Bucket
  • User
  • User Auth Token
  • Swift URL: https://swiftobjectstorage.<data_center>.oraclecloud.com/v1/<namespace>/<bucket_name>

For comprehensive guidance on how to connect Oracle Integration-3 with the Object Storage bucket and clone your instance, we recommend watching the entire video linked below:

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