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Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter in OIC

The Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing Adapter enables you to integrate the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing database with Oracle Integration through use of direct connectivity. Use the Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing…

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HTTP error responses in REST API: Oracle Integration Cloud

The Oracle Integration Cloud services have the capability to expose HTTP REST endpoint, which clients can consume to pull/push data. Once the request is successful, the HTTP REST endpoint sends…

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Database polling in Oracle Integration Cloud Service

In this article, we will show how to use Oracle database polling in Oracle ICS. Oracle ICS allows very straight forward solution to poll the Oracle database in comparison to…

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Create an Integration in ICS to expose SOAP API

We’ll demonstrate how we can use Integration Cloud Service(ICS) to expose SOAP API. In one of my blog I have showcased how to expose REST API.In this article, we will…

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Integration on ICS to expose REST service

This blog is very useful for those who is keen to know, how to create REST services in ICS. This is very straight forward.  After this blog you have learned…

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Database Adapter in Oarcle ICS(Integration Cloud Service)

In this blog, we are going to explain  Oracle database adapter capabilities and how to connect Oracle Database that resides in the on-premises network.   Oracle Database Adapter capabilities  …

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Oracle Service Bus : Insert operation using Database Adapter

In the previous article, I have demonstrated how to perform select operation on the database using DB adapter. Now it’s time to perform insert operation on the database. It’s required…

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Datasource and JNDI configuration for DB adapter

This blog explain how to create datasource in weblogic and configure the JNDI for DB adapter. To Complete this blog, you must have weblogic and oracle database up and running.…

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REST Service with DB adapter Oracle Service Bus

In the previous blog, we have explained, how to create simple REST service without DB adapter. Please follow the blog to get the basic understanding of how to create simple…

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