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Microsoft SQL adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

In this article, we are going to explain MS adapter, its capabilities and how to create a connection with MS SQL server that resides in the on-premises network. Micrsoft SQL server…

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OAuth2.0 custom 2 Legged Security in REST connection: Oracle Integration

In this article, we will demonstrate how to make the REST connection with the API, which is secured by OAuth2.0. We will look at the OAuth Custom Two Legged security policy…

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HTTP error responses in REST API: Oracle Integration Cloud

The Oracle Integration Cloud services have the capability to expose HTTP REST endpoint, which clients can consume to pull/push data. Once the request is successful, the HTTP REST endpoint sends…

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Read CSV file with Delimiters other than specified in the FTP adapter: Oracle Integration Cloud

In one of my article, we showcased how to read CSV file using FTP adapter which is comma separated. Integration Cloud FTP adapter allows below delimiters file to be processed…

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Change date time format in Oracle Integration Cloud

We got a request from multiple folks saying they are struggling to change the date time format in Oracle Integration Cloud. We are writing this article to see how to…

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Download CSV file from REST service Response Content: Oracle Integration Cloud

There are certain REST Services which provides the CSV file as part of the response and needs to consume in the Integration Cloud. In the article, we’ll demonstrate how to…

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Fetch Email attachments using Microsoft Email adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud

In the article, we’ll show how to fetch the attachments from email and dump the attachments on the SFTP server. To complete this article, we should have in place: MS…

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Gmail adapter in Oracle integration cloud

The Gmail adapter of Oracle Integration Cloud enables us to create an integration with the Gmail application. This is one of the OOB adapters that Integration Cloud offers. In this…

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Sometimes we may encounter the error “Exception Description: No conversion value provided for the value [6.1.4] in field [@version]” during code migration from one Integration Cloud environment(Development) to another(UAT). Cause…

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Oracle Integration Cloud REST API to get the Integration Statistics

Oracle Integration cloud provides a rich monitoring dashboard to see the Integration statistics. But there is a limitation that statistics can’t be downloaded from the dashboard in any format (XLS, pdf…

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