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CI/CD with Oracle Visual Builder Studio

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Course Overview

This course is designed to teach you the Oracle Visual Builder Studio(VB Studio) that will help you to do CI/CD of your web/mobile application, Integrations, etc. This course starts with the introduction of the Oracle VB Studio, and its feature, and discussed various navigations of the VB Studio.
This course will help you to understand why Oracle VB Studio is important and why should we use it. We’ll help you to set up the VB Studio instance, and access it using the OCI console.
This course is designed in such a manner so that you can do your CI/CD process independently without any help required.
The following topics are covered as part of this course:

  • Overview of the Oracle VB Studio
  • VB Studio architecture
  • Manage app development cycle with VB Studio
  • How to set up the VB Studio instance
  • How to access the VB Studio instance
  • Add new users to the VB Studio instance
  • Understand the build executor and template
  • How to create projects and assign them to team members
  • Understanding of Workspace, Git, VB Studio navigations
  • Manage project users and groups
  • Local vs IDCS groups
  • Create Repository & Branches
  • Commit, Push, and Merge changes
  • Manage Issues
  • Build parameters and how to create them
  • Create Jobs, Pipelines, and execute team to automate CI/CD of VB applications
  • Create Jobs, Pipelines, and execute team to automate CI/CD of Integrations

After completing this course, you will become proficient in the Oracle VB Studio and can work independently without any help.

What you'll learn

  • Setup your VB Studio instance and manage it
  • Undestanding the key concepts of VB Studio
  • Complete CI/CD process of your Visual Builder applications using VB Studio
  • Complete CI/CD process of Integrations using VB Studio
  • Setup the build jobs to automate the life cycle of VB applications
  • Create and Manage issues to release new features using VB Studio

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Duration 5H 11M
Level Beginner
Lectures 21
Price 1,499.00

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