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Overview of Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS)

The article is written to give you an overview of Oracle Process Cloud Service(PCS)

  • Oracle Process Cloud Service is a cloud-based software development Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a hosted environment for your process applications.
  • Allows you to develop workflows in minutes.
  • Out Of the box template which help to develop workflows very quickly

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Setting to enable the notification in Oracle Process Cloud Services

Key Benefits of PCS
  1. Accelerate
    • Business-led, Rapid Process Automation
    • Responsive, Multi-channel Forms
    • Integrate with Oracle and non-Oracle Applications
    • Play, Test & Validate
  2. Engage
    • Productive and Intuitive Task Management
    • Work on the Go Across Devices
    • Task Collaboration
    • Right work to Right Person
  3. Simply
    • Real Time insights and Actionable Dashboards
    • Operational Intelligence
    • End to End Visibility & Self-service
  4. Complete
    • Full blown security
    • Full life cycle management
    • Portability

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