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Effortless App Development with Oracle Visual Builder

Start developing the web and mobile application using Oracle Visual Builder. I have recently published a book with the title Effortless App Development with Oracle Visual Builder which will help you to learn Oracle VB in-depth with a lot of real-time examples.

The book got the Oracle logo and available in Community Edition. The foreword is given by Shay Shmeltzer Director of Product Management and Strategy Oracle Cloud Development Tools.

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This book will provide you with a solid understanding of VB so that you can adopt it at a faster pace and start building applications right away. After working with real-time examples to learn about VB, you’ll discover how to design, develop, and deploy web and mobile applications quickly. You’ll cover all the VB components in-depth, including web and mobile application development, business objects, and service connections. In order to use all these components, you’ll also explore best practices, security, and recommendations, which are well explained within the chapters. Finally, this book will help you gain the knowledge you need to enhance the performance of an application before deploying it to production.

The book is written with 16 chapters as following:

What, Why, and How (WWH) of Visual Builder

Provisioning and Understanding the Visual Builder Instance

Exploring Visual Builder Ingredients

Creating and Managing Business Objects

Creating and Managing Service Connections

Building Web Applications Using Real-World Examples

Working with Life Cycle Events, Validations, and UI Logics

Exploring Other Visual Components and Their Advanced Functionalities

Extending Oracle and Non-Oracle SaaS Applications

Working with Business Processes

Building a Mobile Application with Live Examples

Securing VB Applications

Understanding and Managing Various Stages of a VB App

Best Practices and Recommendations for VB Applications

Troubleshooting and Debugging VB Applications

Managing VB Apps Using Visual Builder Studio

By the end of this book, you will be able to work independently and deploy your VB applications efficiently and with confidence.

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