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Access OCI private resources using Bastion

Bastion is one of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services that help to provide restricted access to resources that don’t have public endpoints.

It let users access the target resources using the specified sources. Target resources can be compute instances, DB nodes, and ATP databases

Bastion architecture

OCI Bastion service

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to access private compute instances using the Bastion service.

The following are the high-level steps I’m going to execute to complete this article:

  • Create Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
  • Create Private Subnet
  • Create Compute instance under private subnet
  • Create Bastion
  • Create Session
  • Allow network access from the Bastion
  • Access compute instance using Bastion

To complete all these steps, I have created a nice video that will help you to execute all these steps in an easy manner. Click on the below link to view the complete video:

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