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How to create an Oracle APEX service

If you wanted to work upon Oracle APEX, you must have an Oracle APEX service in hand to start with. So, in this article, I’ll help you to create your first APEX service absolutely free so that you can jump directly and learn Oracle APEX.

Oracle offers various ways to create an Oracle APEX service as described in the following sections:

  1. Always free APEX service

The Oracle APEX Application Development service provides a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment in Oracle Cloud to build and deploy world-class applications.

After signing up for your Free Tier account, you can easily create an APEX Service that is free for an unlimited time or spend your free cloud credits on a full, scalable APEX Service.

2. Request a free APEX workspace

Quickly evaluate Oracle APEX by requesting a free workspace hosted on apex.oracle.com. It takes just a few moments to sign up and within minutes you’ll have your workspace ready to start building your first app.

Click here to request a free APEX workspace.

3. Download and install Oracle APEX locally

Download and install Oracle APEX into any edition of Oracle Database.

Additionally, the free Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) can be used to run APEX locally!

Refer to the steps here to download and install Oracle APEX locally.

4. Use Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database

Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) in Oracle Cloud comes with APEX ready to go. You can use APEX on any of the ADB workload types.

5. Download and run a preconfigured VM

Run APEX in a preconfigured Oracle VM VirtualBox using Database Application Development Virtual Appliance. A single download gives developers a free VM with Oracle Database, Oracle REST Data Services, and APEX ready to run.

Click here to view the detailed steps to download and run a preconfigured VM for the Oracle APEX service.

Additionally, you can refer to the following my YouTube video for detailed steps:

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