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Creating SSH keys using Oracle Cloud shell

In this article, you will know about what is SSH keys, ways to create SSH keys, and how to use the Oracle Cloud shell to create the SSH keys.

What are SSH Keys

SSH keys are an authentication method used to gain access to an encrypted connection between systems and then ultimately use that connection to manage the remote system.

SSH keys play an important role in securely accessing the OCI compute instances in the cloud.

SSH Keys (Public and Private) can be created in many sizes (bit) but RSA 2048 bit is the popular and secured one.

Ways to Create SSH Keys

Windows Users can use the following methods

Mac and Linux Users

  • Use ssh-keygen  command

Oracle Cloud user

  • Use Oracle Cloud Shell

About Oracle Cloud shell

Oracle Cloud shell is a small virtual machine that comes free with every Oracle Cloud. Cloud shell is shipped with OCI CLI commands by default.

You can access it from the Oracle Cloud account page.

Creating SSH keys using Oracle Cloud sheel

Watch this complete end to end video to know how to use the Oracle Cloud shell to generate the SSH Keys

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You can look at the complete series of OCI getting started here

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